The Vanni Association for visually handicapped is an organization  that brings together people who have lost their eyesight as a result of years of massive war in the North , East of Sri Lanka.

This Society has been formed with visually handicapped personals from North, East of Sri Lanka and its headquarters in Kilinochchi.  Some have lost limbs along with their eyes. This is a registered  Non Governmental Organization. Registration no is :NP/KN/KV/DS/VSSO/2016/23.  and has 278 members, all of them are severely affected.

The Vanni  Association for visually handicapped was  registered on    22.07.2013 as a  Non governmental organization.  The Massive war  ended in 2009,  some of our members are directly effected by the war and payed their eyes as a  price for the well being.  278 beneficiaries are from Northern and Eastern Provinces in Sri Lanka are part of  our Association. our association  governed by four Councils in accordance with by law. The Association is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of nine visually impaired members on charitable basis.  Decisions for disciplinary proceedings are passed jointly by the Board of Directors.  it is the duty of the three  member council to bring the problems and discrimination of the beneficiaries to the notice of the  house which occurs once in three months and provide a fair settlement. ( opposition council)

It is the duty of the General Assembly to meet once a year to examine and accept the account statement and progress  report,  to resolve the issues and  to meet once in two years to elect members of the Board of Directors. In addition to initiating relief and livelihood assistance in the early stages with the help of donors, gradually improving health assistance for eye care, provision of  glass, accessories, assistance for basic necessities such as  wells,  toilets, transport assistance, training courses, etc., and providing monthly assistance to visually impaired and other disabled children, educational development, development for children studying in visually impaired families are our priority.

Our association has many challenges to face.    

In the first place, we have a special ability different from normal human activity, and in terms of the challenges faced academically, the  visually impaired do not have the materials for learning programs,  computer training, special needs teachers and in the face of problems,  we are ignored on the grounds of age and disability in the field of  employment.

Lack of financial and technical resources for ophthalmic treatment methods as far as medical challenges are concerned.

In terms of livelihood challenges,  non-cooperation of family members,  disability,  social ills through inappropriate livelihoods, etc., are causing setbacks in livelihood schemes. We are exploring the schemes thoroughly and identifying and trying to implement the ways forward with the donner funds.

As far as the challenges to basic needs are concerned, wells,    toilets, housing corrections etc. are not being adequately carried out and we are trying to find donor lovers to meet these schemes.

As far as traffic challenges are concerned, we are facing problems such as inability to travel in public transport vehicles, lack of access to all places, lack of technology to move alone, and with the help of another person, we are overcoming these challenges.

In terms of communication challenges, There are problems in getting mobile phone in the capabilities that the visually impaired can use in terms of communication devices.

There are many difficulties faced by our members due to covid 19. In todays world where corona disease threatens the world, commodity prices are rising. 

Today, prices are increasing in all essential commodities including one kg of rice- 130 rupees, one kg of fish-  400  to  1000  rupees,  chicken meat-  800  rupees,  onions-300  rupees. The labor of one who works for a daily wage is not enough to sustain a family for a day, in which blind families are very weak and rely heavily on the kindness of the other. At this stage, traffic restrictions have been imposed, all public transport has been blocked, our blind families are struggling to get to the hospital, they are suffering from food crisis,  dry food , medicines and  transport assistance.